When your life and presence is a home for people, it is entirely important to have seasons, when you are shut down for renovations. Why? Just like a physical home or guest house, all the usage over time can naturally wear things down - the plumbing stops working, kitchen doesn't work the right way, the... Continue Reading →

Let’s Face the Music and Dance

A dear friend used the phrase "Compassion Fatigue" a couple of nights ago and it fit so perfectly. Most all of us are walking about in some sort of malaise that isn't without merit considering the things that have been occurring in and around the world recently. But, if I may, I'd like to attempt... Continue Reading →

The Value of Nothing

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I saw this symbol making it's way around social media with the hashtag "me too" and had so many thoughts and feelings towards it. I hope that you see and hear this and interpret a call to continue to raise your own standard of awareness and vigilant care for the women... Continue Reading →

I Have a Dream

Who and what are you surrounding yourself by? Is it inspiring you? Is it propelling you? Is it bringing out the best in your character? Is it moving you forward? To inspire, means to take in a breath. To put breath into. To give life.  What is giving you life today? I was thinking about... Continue Reading →

The Powerful Pursuit of Peace

Let me start by saying Peace is NOT for the faint-hearted. Clear your heart and mind of all the images and feelings that the word Peace conjures up so that we can start fresh. Before He was crucified, Jesus comforted His disciples and promised the Holy Spirit. He said, "Peace I leave with you; my... Continue Reading →

It’s Time to Grow Up

On May 22nd, 2017, another suicide bombing occurred. Several children were in the crowds. My heart mourned in a different way that morning. I wrote the following words... This is MY world. These are OUR children. These are OUR sorrows. Let's be the salve. I wish I could wrap my arms around you. I wish... Continue Reading →

On being a Protagonist

You simply must be the Protagonist in your own life.  Keep searching. Have vision. Have direction. The world needs you. Remember, trying to be the protagonist in someone else's life is Control. Making someone else the protagonist in yours is Laziness. Being a side character is a lack of Vision and Identity. Being the Antagonist... Continue Reading →

Will you Be a Stream or a Desert?

Every so often my mother and I get into what I call "truth bomb" conversations. It usually follows a family Sunday lunch, when the both of us start chatting and unconsciously clear the table of anyone else sitting at it. We can talk for hours, but at some point, we arrive somewhere new. A new... Continue Reading →

Mothers and Daughters

This relationship is by far one of the most unique there is. The influence these nurturers have on each other are incredibly powerful. Words spoken and unspoken can change the course of each other's day. One word, one look from your mother can encourage and put you back on track or infuriate and get you... Continue Reading →

Singleness: Eternal Fight

Okay so it's not an eternal fight, but it damn near feels that way sometimes. (I may have a penchant for some drama.) I have a pretty consistent tug of war between wanting Autonomy & wanting to be Romanced. I understand that this isn't an exclusively female problem, but I reckon it takes on a... Continue Reading →

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