For a few years, in the early nineties, my father had to leave us to live in another country for work. Time became pregnant between the weekly phone calls, for my mother, my sister, and I. The internet, text messages, or Skype were still a matter of science fiction, and the distance between us was very tangible. Our hearts skipped to the pulse of that shrilling telephone.

I was young. I hardly remember the content of our conversations. I just wanted to hear his familiar voice. It mattered a great deal that he was there. He was on the other line. He was thinking of me. He wanted to give me his time.

It is quite the same – hearing God’s voice. It is far, far better, in fact. Thanks to the availability of Scripture and the readiness of the Holy Spirit, I never have to wait to hear Him. He is always there. His voice is reassuring. It is loving, forgiving, directing and majestic. He longs for me to speak to Him and longs to have me listen.

I remember those days gone by with fondness. Fondness, because they set me up to appreciate the ever-present Holy Spirit. He is at the ready. Thinking of me. Speaking to me. Counseling me. Loving me. Giving me His time.

“And the Lord will make his majestic voice heard.

Your own ears will hear him.

Right behind you a voice will say,

“This is the way you should go,”

whether to the right or to the left.”

Isaiah 30:30a, 21

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