Something Happened in Africa

“Father, how you long to walk with me,

as I tell you each day of my little adventures.

They seem so paltry to me.

And yet,

you want to know it all.

You want to participate in my life.

For that, I am so grateful.

Thank you for making it so easy.”

We took a walk outside the church compound on our first Sunday. Four of us girls. As we walked along the dry dirt path flattened by many a trudging foot, we saw a familiar face walking towards us from one of the nearby houses. One of the ladies we recognized from church, Mage Mamba, looked over and offered to walk with us. Whether she was being cautious or hospitable, it was good to have her with us. As soon as she joined us, her children decided they wanted to come along as well. Five little ones ran over to us and held our hands and walked with us. I was so astonished at how brazen these children were – they ran up to perfect strangers and almost unconsciously held their hand. I walked along slowly as the little girl with me chattered away, all about her day and her little adventures, pointing at things as I listened. It struck me that, she didn’t seem to care that I didn’t understand a word of Swazi. As long as I smiled and nodded and looked in the direction she was pointing in, she was satisfied. She just wanted to be heard. To be acknowledged. And to share her little life with someone. In that moment the Holy Spirit tugged at my heart and taught me a great lesson.

“It is just that easy to come to me, my Karyn.”

(Matthew 18:3)

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