A Journey


In the spirit of Christmas and the coming New Year and ofcourse, the Hobbit movies, here’s a little allegory I wrote down while the Lord was talking to me a few months ago. It feels fitting tonight! Merry Christmas everyone!


Listen! When Trouble raps loudly at your front door, take heart. There is a journey to be had.

Take heart and prepare a large table with all the food you can find. Use the good dishes, too.

Now, get a few things for a journey, find Truth and Friendship and leave the village. Don’t worry. I’ll take care of the food. It won’t spoil. And don’t worry about Trouble ransacking you. He cannot come in without an invitation anyway.

Definitely don’t go knocking on Indifference’s battered door on your way out. You may hear his frantic steps inside, but the rumor is true – he never answers.
At first glance, your companions may not seem like the right fit, but I assure you, they will stick closer than a brother and will ever be your help along the way. Together, you will wade through the hot rivers of Hurt and Anger. Climb the peaks and valleys of Understanding. Glean in the fields of the land of Wisdom.

Yes! Yes! Befriend the one that sleeps at the bottom of the boat. His name is Peace.

Rest alongside Him. For as long as you need.

You needn’t worry. Your companions will tell you when it’s time to return. After all, they are returning to your home with you.

They have not told you just yet, but they have asked friend along for the journey home. Her name is Joy. She is unmistakably strong. Act surprised when you are introduced.

Also, on your way back, stop at the armor-maker’s house. He has something for you.

As you near your village you will start to feel nervous. Again, Take Heart.  With all the spoils of your journey, you are ready to face Trouble. You are ready to stand up to him and to un-invite him to your home. Once he leaves, and he will, remember, you have already prepared a feast! Invite your companions to stay.

Enjoy this time with your newfound wisdom and understanding.

The next time Trouble raps at your front door, take heart.

There are yet more adventures to be had.

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