My Panic Story: Professional Help


“I’m so proud of you, Karyn”

These were the first words my therapist said to me when I called her to set up my first appointment. I didn’t realize that I had been holding my breath up until that point. That was one of the best decisions I ever made. It was one of the first steps to bringing me into the abundance and freedom I feel today. Besides the therapeutic nature of the sessions, the action of going itself was powerful!

It felt really good to seek help for myself.

It was my decision.

I was standing up for myself.

I was breaking through fear, shame, and doubt trying to keep me captive and stagnant.

Over the years, I have done a lot of internal work at essential points in my life. Talking to someone who is trained to listen, ask great questions, and give you helpful pointers to have breakthrough, is one of the best values for your time and money! This process has aided further in helping me hone in on what I knew at 15. While watching the movie, Good Will Hunting, something in me came to life. Seeing a character who was dedicated to helping people with such understanding was revelatory. Somewhere in there I knew that I was also created to be a listener, a comforter, and an activator. I knew I valued people highly and I wanted to get trained up to help them understand the uniqueness they possess! It only makes sense that going through the process myself would help me find so much peace and satisfaction!

Our society is determined on defining progress in terms of what is tangible and what is visible to the naked eye. We have distanced ourselves so much from the power of our emotional and spiritual needs that we are becoming jaded humans living just under the radar, accepting life just as it comes, busying ourselves to death – not really making much progress at all. Here’s my simple advice. Don’t ignore the intangible. It is a powerful key to your value and dreams during this lifetime. Do some internal work and you will come up closer to the keys!  Whether it’s emotional healing, guidance, or coaching, get yourself a trusted person to help you!

It is absolutely worthy. You are absolutely worth it.

And I am very proud of you for reading this and considering it.

Here’s another helpful read: Taking the First Step

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