Defiant Drumbeat

Critical voices
Want to stamp you out
Press you down
Eliminate you.

They war with you. Violently. Relentlessly.

You are tired.

Slow Down. Close your eyes.
Listen to the rhythm of your heart beating.
Slow down till it becomes the only thing you can hear.
Slow down and let your heart beating get louder and louder till it sounds like a persistent drumbeat.

A defiant drumbeat.

A loud declaration that, “No! I am not defeated! No! I am not overcome! No! I am not finished!

I am alive.
I am sufficient.
I am free.

Dwell in it.
Get strong in it.
Hear the voice of the One that Loves you.
“You are mine.” “You are equipped.” “You can continue.” “I AM with you.”

When you open your eyes everything will pale in comparison to what you have felt.

Walk on.
Walk tall.
Walk strong.

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