Here Comes That Dreamer!

“Here comes that Dreamer!”, they said of Joseph. Some might have been sarcastic, some jealous, some angry, some insecure. They all felt enough to say something about the fact that their brother had big dreams. They all recognized that he did. Despite all that was said,

Joseph went on to fulfill big dreams and eventually graciously rescue the one’s that criticized and ostracized him for it.

Last year, my coach asked me a simple question that unearthed a world of fear and shame under the surface.

“Why don’t you dream for yourself any longer, Karyn?”

She got my defenses up right away. Up until that point, I had always thought I had a great imagination and was convinced that I had big ideas and dreams for myself. Which is true of my personality. Over time, I hadn’t realized how much of that had been eroded and forgotten. I could still dream big for other’s – but no longer for myself. When I spoke about the dreams I had for my life, they were always in the past tense and never active. Disappointments, painful experiences, and coming to terms with my own ability to hurt other’s had discouraged me and cloaked my future in shame.

We processed through several automatic thoughts that were blocking God’s future for me.

  1. It’s okay. I don’t deserve it.
  2. I’m not worthy.
  3. I don’t trust myself with these dreams.
  4. Maybe it’s just all in my imagination.
  5. Who am I anyway?

I felt vulnerable and exposed when I asked her the ultimate question,

“What if it doesn’t happen?”

You see, I had made my mistrust, my fears, pain, and self-pity more important than the Creator-God’s dreams. I had just kept going and not allowed Him to come in and heal the places that were blocking these dreams. It’s such a subtle form of pride that it even had me fooled. It was an intense, prayerful process – travelling back in my life to expose the situations and experiences that had tacked on shame and fear. It was intense, but oh-so-restorative. I felt like I was once again anchored and connected to the source of life and hope for the future. I have so many dreams for my life! So many! God cares about them. He cares about my dreams. That may be the best dream come true yet!

I pray that you go through this process, too! Use the following prompts to guide you to start the process:

What are the God-Given dreams He has placed in your life and future?  Dream for the way you want to live? Career? Ministry? Family/Children? Finances? Health? Hobbies/Fun?

What are the situations/experiences/words that have separated you from those dreams? What are the dreamstealers in your life?

How do you plan to stay connected to your dreams? Who are you surrounding yourself by? Who can help remind you?

I think of the life of Joseph. He had delays, disappointments, betrayals, and loneliness. I’m sure he had moments when he became separated from the dreams for his future. But God’s Grace never left him and he fulfilled all that the Lord had predicted.

May it be said of me, “Here comes that Dreamer!”

May this be said of you too, Dreamer!



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  1. You were the very first person to approach me and tell me God had something big for me. It confused me for a while but it also rang true, I just didn’t understand then. Here I am at a new crossroads and needing to read this lol Thank you for the encouragement then and now!! xD

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