For Such a Time as This

I am a forever-immigrant. A person of color. And a woman. The Trifecta.

Over the last few years, particularly the last few months, I have encountered plenty of misinformed, ignorant, fear-filled conversations, statements, and actions pertaining to those three things, that are arresting and often humiliating. Not just of me. Of Humanity itself.

I have watched people live in the comforts afforded to them by Grace, speak thoughtless vitriol of their neighbor. It’s become even more apparent to me that Fearful, Faithless, Insecure people speak of “protecting” what’s theirs. Peaceful, Faith-filled, Discerning, Brave people speak of “sharing” what’s theirs.

I have been plenty Fearful and Insecure in my life and have often times done the same “protecting”. But that, I have found, to be such a paltry, sorry excuse for a life – one that has no challenges, no growth, is poor and needy and affords me no Love.

Why then, am I here? Now? Why am I allowed to hear these things and experience these things? A thought came to me this morning.

God thinks about when and who He places in humanity’s timeline.

It is no mistake you and I are living in today’s history. We were made for this. This is our time to Shine. To Listen. To Share. To Teach and Educate. To Move along together.

It starts with me. One conversation at a time. Address what hurts. One of the most effective things I have found to do is to look into someone’s eye and tell them, fearlessly, “What you just did/said Hurt me.” Open up the conversation. Some will go well other’s will linger. But it will deepen your sense of Trust and Restoration.

Do NOT be afraid. Create a legacy of Grace, Hope, and Love.

You are Precious and Honored. And you were made for this! I know I was!

Yes, I am a forever-immigrant. A person of color. And a woman. But I am so much more than that. And I was born for such a time as this.

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