Instincts on Immigration and Refugees

You are a person of great value and I hope you read this responsibly.

  1. Draw a Line: The very first step in finding a solution is figuring out where we are as a nation in regard to Immigration and Refugees. Be informed.
  2. Focus your Reaction: If you are having a visceral reaction to it – good. Harness those emotions. Use them to direct you to something effective and practical.
  3. Don’t Worship your Outrage: Righteous Anger is real. What it is not, is a live wire without direction or end. What it is, is a guide toward Hope and Solution.
  4. Don’t Diminish your Role: You were born for such a time as this.
  5. Don’t Diminish the People: Regardless of how you feel right now, the imminent need still stands – food, shelter, safety. Focus. Who are the people and organizations that are providing these things? How can I partner with them?
  6. Don’t Diminish God: We have an eternal responsibility to bring all this to the foot of the Cross and to ask for help, guidance, and solutions. If you are not praying more now, you must. He is the God of the MIRACULOUS and He is POWERFUL.
  7. Pray Creatively: I have a personal burden to pray for world issues. In my lifetime, I have been woken up countless times in the middle of the night with nudges, visions and dreams to pray specifically for things that sometimes have not even taken place yet. Ask me some time – I have stories of visions of situations happening thousands of miles away from me, hours before they happen. I have prayed by name against powers and dictators I don’t know, I have had visions of solutions and resolutions that I later see on the news. AND I HAVE SEEN SUPERNATURAL INTERVENTIONS. Pray for wisdom. Pray for understanding. Pray creatively for solutions. Don’t lose sight of Hope.
  8. Don’t give in to Self-Importance: It is distracting and puts you at the center of something that is far bigger than you. If I am not the answer to the problem right now or cannot be, who else can be?  There is a big world out there and there are many, many, many people with large hearts that want to help other’s – how can you partner with them to arrange housing, food, etc?
  9. Unplug: The Father of Lies wants nothing more than to keep you in a state of anxiety, fear, and rage – it can be very deflecting and distracting. Cut yourself off and recenter. You have a great work ahead of you. Be responsible.


One of the most important things I ever heard in my life was what Mariane Pearl said in her book, A Mighty Heart, in reaction to the unfair death of her brave husband:

“Part of my “revenge” was that my purpose wouldn’t change–not how I live, the work that I do or my approach to the world.”

I love and I am grateful that I am surrounded by people who purposefully live, work, and approach everything in great Love for other’s.

In the current climate, I pray that you stay focused and find Hope, Peace, and Supernatural Solutions to all that we face. And I pray that you see great miracles in the days to come.

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