On Self-Pity

Quite often I am told that I look super serious or even angry.

I apologize.

But it keeps happening.

The thing is, I get lost in my thoughts and when i’m lost, I don’t have the luxury of filtering my reactions facially. It’s a work in progress.

Sorry, World. I’m not angry at you.

But I am angry. This one very real thing makes me absolutely livid – Self Pity. The enemy of our souls is setting traps for us and patiently ripping our true identity to shreds.  It makes my palms twitch.

This is some of what I have noticed Self-Pity does to us. If this doesn’t make you livid on your behalf…:

  1. Self Pity robs you of Vision and Passion
  2. Self Pity disconnects you from your Past and your Future
  3. Self Pity keeps you in a cycle of disappointment
  4. Self Pity convinces you that nothing is ever your fault
  5. Self Pity works in tandem with Shame, so, it is very isolating to you and Judgmental toward others
  6. Self Pity makes you very defensive and arms you with anger
  7. Self Pity makes you caustic towards others
  8. Self Pity convinces you that no one else understands or even cares
  9. Self Pity keeps you stuck
  10. Self Pity soothes you not to step out or take any risks
  11. Self Pity makes everything about you
  12. Self Pity makes you stop considering anyone else’s thoughts or feelings
  13. Self Pity destroys your ability to communicate assertively
  14. Self Pity destroys your relationships
  15. Self Pity silences you
  16. Self Pity keeps you uncared for and your desires unmet
  17. Self Pity keeps you Hopeless

Now, before I go down on a long and windy road of verbal assault on the Enemy, let’s waste no more time. If any of the above things are plaguing you, there’s no shame in it. The longer I live, the more I realize that daily life is cyclical. We’re all going to go through seasons where we haven’t realized how Self Pity has gotten in, but once we realize it, we can take action. Let’s stop letting Self Pity renewing our minds about who we are and Whose we are.

Let’s confess to safe people, let’s connect you back to your Identity, let’s work on your communication, let’s hear what you want from life, let’s take risks, let’s put you back together, let’s get healthy and let’s get abundant!

Who you are, my friend, is extremely important to the time you were born in, the people you were given to, the story that your life tells. To history.

One of the ways I choose to fight Self-Pity is to help other’s recognize and fight it, too.

We get ONE life. Let’s make it count.

And let’s get there together!

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