Mothers and Daughters

This relationship is by far one of the most unique there is. The influence these nurturers have on each other are incredibly powerful. Words spoken and unspoken can change the course of each other’s day. One word, one look from your mother can encourage and put you back on track or infuriate and get you making vows of separation. I know this one personally.

Your relationship with your mother, present or absent, can and will influence the way you attach to other women if at all – in friendship and trust and love, or in suspicion and selfish jealousy.

Perhaps, I will never understand all the pains, all the sacrifices, all the silent prayers my mother has made on my behalf. But, what I can do is be grateful and loving and forgiving, and communicate those things while she is here.

This morning, I pray for your relationship to your mother. I pray that if there are holes or wounds there that you would allow God to help you cry healing tears and apply the balm of love to those painful places. I pray that you realize your expectations. I pray you accept what is. I pray you get a plan to make the two meet, if possible. I pray for balance. I pray that you communicate assertively. I pray that you draw lines – know where she starts and ends, and know where you start and end. I pray that you see your mother with understanding and wisdom. I pray for reconciliation where it is merited. I pray for miraculous nurture where it is needed. I pray for the power of Christ to inhabit and transform this relationship to it’s intended powerful purpose.

It is uniquely created, Dear Ones. It’s influence lasting. I pray a miraculous rescuing of this unique pairing. I pray a refreshing and a rise of health, new joys, and wise laughter to come to this relationship for you.

May it be transforming.

May it be loving.

May the miracle it is surprise you.


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