It’s Time to Grow Up

On May 22nd, 2017, another suicide bombing occurred. Several children were in the crowds. My heart mourned in a different way that morning. I wrote the following words…

This is MY world.
These are OUR children.
These are OUR sorrows.
Let’s be the salve.

I wish I could wrap my arms around you.
I wish I could keep you safe. 
I pray that you find Courage.
I pray that you find Grace. 

I cried out to the Lord,

Where are our freedom fighters? Where are our Gandhi’s, Martin Luther King Jr’s? Our Mandela’s, Angelou’s, and Rosa Parks’?

Our Inspirers? Thinkers? Change Makers?

Our Activists? Our Rebels? Our Advocates?

Where is the voice of Love and Liberation in our generation?

In tears, I waited to hear the Lord.

I waited until I heard the following words that sent hot spears of fear and new tears of honored motivation right through me.

“That’s you, Karyn.”


It’s time for our generation to grow up and be those people on whose shoulders we have comfortably stood for so long. There’s noone else. It’s you. It’s me. It’s us. We are going to change the world for the next generation. Out of us will come the Gandhi’s, the Mandela’s, the Angelou’s that will inspire the generation that follows.

Jesus told us that the poor will always be among us – that, in this world there will be troubles – if there is anything motivating, peace-giving, and challenging, it’s those statements!

Will you accept the invitation? Will you start asking the Lord what He wants you to do? Will you let Him show you the way He sees you and your influence? Will you talk with challengers, coaches, and change-makers? Will you talk with friends and seek to inspire each other? Will you be a sharp instrument in His Hand to change this world right now and leave lasting reverberations of inspiration?

It’s a big world out there! It needs us, my friends!


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