When your life and presence is a home for people, it is entirely important to have seasons, when you are shut down for renovations. Why? Just like a physical home or guest house, all the usage over time can naturally wear things down – the plumbing stops working, kitchen doesn’t work the right way, the bed clothes and curtains are dusty and faded and eventually you become less and less capable of seeing the cracks in your own foundation.

At the fitting time, shut down for renovations.

Take time. Have a plan. Get the correct help and support. Fix the leaks, take out old furnishings and bring in new updated items. Redecorate. Make things up to date and more efficient. Paint. This an important time. Get back to the roots of what’s important to you. Move forward into things that are nourishing to you. Once you do this you will be so much more equipped to receive other’s into your life.

When you’re done, take time to look around and enjoy your hard work and celebrate your wins with other’s!

When its all done for the season, open up again. You are going to be so much more effective and powerful and entirely more inviting! What’s more, when someone else shuts down for renovations you will be so well-equipped to lend a helping hand!

Our lives are cyclical. We will go through several seasons like this and each time come out stronger and resplendent!

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