About Me


Someone once told me, that it is a sign of great confidence when you are able to quickly describe yourself. With GREAT humility, of course. So, here goes: I am a Social Introvert, a Reader, a Writer, a Thinker, a Food Lover, a Binge Watcher, a Traveller, a Lover of Change and Challenge, a Friend, a Pray-er, a Counselor and Coach, an Advocate, a Seeker of the Why of things, and on and on.

I am invigorated by individual and humanities stories. I continue to have the privilege to live with different cultures and people groups and I have learned so much from these experiences. I am dedicated to being the best Listener and Carer of people I can be. I write not just to be known, but hopefully, for others to be known as well.

My faith precedes me, grounds me, loves me, and comforts me.

I love music. I get lost in it. Certain songs have the ability to transport me to particular places in my life. That breath that Jeff Buckley takes right before he sings his scintillating “Hallelujah” is everything.

I wrote my first little poem at 4. It was a sweet little rhyme about playing in the bathtub.

I tend to like memoir more than fiction.

I value Peace over Currency.

The photo above was a candid shot taken by a friend around a very difficult time in my life. Everytime I look at it, I am reminded, that the strength of who you are remains untouched even in the midst of storms.

I think I love film previews more than the actual films. There is just so much anticipation.

John Keats is my absolute favorite.

I write because I am curious. I write so I can keep learning.

I write because I have something to say.

I write as a way to love and honor the time and the life I have been given.

I have lived over 30 years of this life and there is yet so much to understand and discover and create!

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