On Self-Pity

Quite often I am told that I look super serious or even angry. I apologize. But it keeps happening. The thing is, I get lost in my thoughts and when i'm lost, I don't have the luxury of filtering my reactions facially. It's a work in progress. Sorry, World. I'm not angry at you. But... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Woman

Beautiful Woman, Honor how you were made, And do it over and over again. Honor your culture. Your heritage. Your height. Your weight. Your color. Your pallor. The shape of your eyes. The width of your nose. The smile of your lips. The line of your toes. Honor how you are meant to function. How... Continue Reading →

Let Me Love You

As I was thinking about what to share about Communion at church this Sunday, I was surprised by the emotions that came up. I ended up having a major moment of confession and freedom with the Lord and I wrote down the conversation. I ended up reading it to my church family. I pray that... Continue Reading →

On Valentine’s Day

This morning, I found out that February 13th is observed by some as "Galentine's Day". What a sweet sentiment! I started thinking about all the women I have been and continue to be inspired by - a lot of whom are currently in my life. I was led to Proverbs 31 once more and wrote... Continue Reading →

On Insecurity

I gave someone a hearty encouragement recently and it was not received. I got a shruggy "I Guess" for my words. It made me feel like I had said something insulting - it ricocheted off and hit me hard. I watched, as this person slowly retreated into a place of darkness by rejecting the encouragement.... Continue Reading →

On Singleness

I'm turning 35 this year. I'm single. For shame! I've been asked why I'm single so many times recently I feel like my marital status is pasted on my forehead like the "Use By" date on consumables. I can hear my mother now: "You better use up all that milk. It's going to expire!!" Of... Continue Reading →

For Such a Time as This

I am a forever-immigrant. A person of color. And a woman. The Trifecta. Over the last few years, particularly the last few months, I have encountered plenty of misinformed, ignorant, fear-filled conversations, statements, and actions pertaining to those three things, that are arresting and often humiliating. Not just of me. Of Humanity itself. I have... Continue Reading →

Tears in the Throne Room

I don't often have words for all that I feel. It can take music, poetry, allegory, story, and powerful visuals for me to come to a place of understanding of my emotions. Case in point, singing allows me a separate way to express what I feel toward something or someone - worship, therefore, is a... Continue Reading →

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