The Inky Black

It's just past 5 am and the sky is still inky black. I was woken up by the insistent rain rapping at my window wanting free entry. "Let me in!", she cried with such tired anguish, I imagined she had been roaming the moors all through the night. Mr. Oliver Bingley looked on from his... Continue Reading →

New Year’s Day, 2017

The old man self-consciously shuffled his way into the crowded cafe. His pressed suit and hat a stark contrast to the California casual he was surrounded by. He settled in to a small table amidst the crowd, opened up his newspaper and started to carefully scan through each page. A cup of coffee and a... Continue Reading →

Boxing Day, 2016

There exists a tradition where the day after Christmas, mothers, the clever magicians that they are, redress leftovers to create entirely new meals. These leftovers and bevvys gather in a picnic basket ready to take on whatever comes. Several baskets and their families meet at a park or at the beach and spend the day... Continue Reading →

Christmas Eve, 2016

Sitting by the family tree listening to all the clocks ticking in the house, each second closer to Christmas a precious reminder for this day and always - I am Loved. I am Honored. I am Cherished. There were times I didn't know that. There are times I need reminding. But, it's Christ mas and... Continue Reading →

Christmas Eve Eve, 2016

Last night, I drove through town in my little Blackbird. Amy Winehouse crooned on about herself and someone named Mr. Jones as I slowly made my way through once-crowded streets. The cold, heavy rain was trying it's level best to dampen the city's festive spirit, but, brave lights soldiered on. Inspired, I took the long... Continue Reading →

Morning’s with Oliver.

After a long night of chasing bad shadows and guarding the family Christmas tree, Mr. Oliver Bingley finally settled in to take a nap on the scarlet robe at the foot of the bed. "Surely, this was left here for me", he surmised as he purred and flirted with it to perfection. Almost as soon... Continue Reading →


I hadn’t spoken to her in months, but losing my grandmother earlier this year is changing me in ways I wasn’t expecting.

There's not much to say about this. It was the end of an emotional day and I was hankering after looking out at the waterfront at a beach. I played with watercolors.

Limited #3

Here's the last limited one! This was a photo in a National Geographic magazine. I wish I still had the original image. I've always been obsessed with silhouettes. Real life becomes so one-dimensional and static when it is captured as a silhouette, and yet, if you capture the correct objects, there is still movement and... Continue Reading →

Limited #1

So much truth and beauty can come from limitations sometimes. Looking through some old artwork I realized that some of them had different subjects, but the same three colors. I remembered that I only had those three left in my paint set. Here's the first of three. This figure was on the cover of a novel that was... Continue Reading →

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