Limited #1

So much truth and beauty can come from limitations sometimes. Looking through some old artwork I realized that some of them had different subjects, but the same three colors. I remembered that I only had those three left in my paint set. Here's the first of three. This figure was on the cover of a novel that was... Continue Reading →

A Strange Thing

A strange thing happens to me when you're around. I find myself avoiding your eyes. As if, had I looked at you, you would know who has been occupying my recent thoughts. As if, had I looked at you, you'd know the dreams I'd been having.   When you're around, In an instant, my attention... Continue Reading →

Independence Day

The challenge of Independence is that once the oppressor has been overthrown, you try your hardest to restore your identity to it's pre-owned state. What you find though, is that your character has been altered, changed, and given a new voice through your perseverance. Embrace this alteration. Don't pine after days of old, but walk... Continue Reading →

I woke up one morning at my college apartment with a vivid dream on my mind. In it, my maternal grandfather (who I never met) was singing the old standard 'You'll Never Know' as he lazily played on a baby grand. Carefully balanced atop the piano were a bottle of whiskey, an empty glass, and... Continue Reading →

Oh, Mad Max!

Once in a while a story comes along that awakens dormant parts of your heart and purpose; Stories that inspire and move you beyond inertia into action. Mad Max: Fury Road is such a movie for me. It’s been touted in the media as a feminist film, and it is, but there is so much... Continue Reading →

Wake Up, O Sleeper

Apparently, it’s today’s Supreme Court sanction that’s sending us all to hell. Not the lustful child sex-trafficking that continues day in and day out. Not the negligent displacement of millions of people from their homes. Not the malicious greed that threatens food security worldwide. Not the humiliation of racism and profiling that is considered ‘heritage’.... Continue Reading →

A Journey

In the spirit of Christmas and the coming New Year and ofcourse, the Hobbit movies, here's a little allegory I wrote down while the Lord was talking to me a few months ago. It feels fitting tonight! Merry Christmas everyone!   Listen! When Trouble raps loudly at your front door, take heart. There is a... Continue Reading →

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