Mothers and Daughters

This relationship is by far one of the most unique there is. The influence these nurturers have on each other are incredibly powerful. Words spoken and unspoken can change the course of each other's day. One word, one look from your mother can encourage and put you back on track or infuriate and get you... Continue Reading →

On Being Loved

I am Loved. Loved in detail. Loved in nuance. I am Loved in - My brown skin, My dark hair, My wide hips, My sassy flair.   I am Loved In Jealousy In Hardness. In Anguish, And Softness.   In Anger and Pain. In Past and in Present. Through Victory and Fallacy. Through Joy and... Continue Reading →

Every Minute of It

When the Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. When the Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not hunger or thirst, or panic or worry. When the Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. When the Lord is my Shepherd, I will be resilient. I will rise again. I will have dreams, goals,... Continue Reading →

Be Braver

Reading Psalm 35 and Psalm 18 this night in prayerful pursuit of protection for our world. Protect the innocent, Lord. Out of much pain comes something eternal. Bring something eternal out of this. You understand the times. Help us, Lord. We need your rescue. We need your grace and your mercy. Help us be braver.... Continue Reading →


  Unleash in me the audacity to be. The audacity to be powerful. The audacity to be resilient. The audacity to be gracious. The audacity to be loving. The audacity to be hopeful. The audacity to rise up and to fight. Unleash in me. Like a raging dam. All that I need. To be who... Continue Reading →

Speak Tenderly, Lord

Speak tenderly to me, Lord. Bring me into your embrace. Speak tenderly to me, Lord. Hold me by my right hand. Speak tenderly to me, Lord. Silence the world's harshness. Speak tenderly to me, Lord. Elevate my thoughts. Speak tenderly to me, Lord. Teach me to love like you. Speak tenderly to me, Lord. I... Continue Reading →


This piece I did years ago hit hard for me today as I heal from a rotator cuff tear and am unable to lift my left arm (for now). I had taken a photo of my hands and then traced and painted them onto the canvas above the passionate background. Looking at my own outstretched,... Continue Reading →


I have chosen your ways, Lord. Preserve me. Answer me. Teach me. Help me Understand.   I hold fast to your Words, Lord. Strengthen me. Keep me. Grace me. Guard me from Shame.   (Psalm 119:25-32)

To Write Eternity

With every page, and every verse, Draw my heart to You. To pour over every word You left me. To hear Your voice. Your incandescent character. To find what eternity I look for. To find You.


Grace us to live, To breathe and move, in solidarity. Much like a flock of swallows. They move, They bend, They bow. Knowing all along, their direction. Our direction is you, Lord. Grace us with Unity. Grace us with Standing Up. Grace us with Taking our Place. Grace us with Flight.

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