Grace us to live, To breathe and move, in solidarity. Much like a flock of swallows. They move, They bend, They bow. Knowing all along, their direction. Our direction is you, Lord. Grace us with Unity. Grace us with Standing Up. Grace us with Taking our Place. Grace us with Flight.

With You

One night at a friend's outdoor dinner party, I was struck so by the moon and started thinking about the poem 'Bright Star' by John Keats. This was inspired by that night and those thoughts. As I put away the hours only just past, I watch the ever-pacing moon, Making it's priest-like task. Savoring the... Continue Reading →

You Know

You know when I sit and when I rise. You know my thoughts. You know my words. You know my deeds. And you say you Love me. You know when I am afraid. You know my fears. You know my doubts. You know my weaknesses. And you say you Love me. You know my name.... Continue Reading →

Guard Me

During the watches of the night, You and You alone awake my soul. I run to You. Much like a little child would. Shamelessly. For in You, Father, there is no shame. No fear. No doubts. No questions, even. Only Love. Only Encouragement. Only Peace. Where else would I go? Keep me, Father. Keep me... Continue Reading →

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