Shut yourself down for renovations. When your life and presence are a home for people, it is entirely important to have seasons when you shut down for renovations. Why? Just like a physical home or guest house, all the usage over time can naturally wear things down - the plumbing stops working, kitchen doesn't work... Continue Reading →

The Value of Nothing

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I saw this symbol making it's way around social media with the hashtag "me too" and had so many thoughts and feelings towards it. I hope that you see and hear this and interpret a call to continue to raise your own standard of awareness and vigilant care for the women... Continue Reading →

I Have a Dream

Who and what are you surrounding yourself by? Is it inspiring you? Is it propelling you? Is it bringing out the best in your character? Is it moving you forward? To inspire, means to take in a breath. To put breath into. To give life.  What is giving you life today? I was thinking about... Continue Reading →

Defiant Drumbeat

Critical voices Want to stamp you out Press you down Eliminate you. They war with you. Violently. Relentlessly. You are tired. Slow Down. Close your eyes. Listen to the rhythm of your heart beating. Slow down till it becomes the only thing you can hear. Slow down and let your heart beating get louder and... Continue Reading →

Dealing with Comparison

I once heard Maya Angelou say, ‘Comparison is Odious'. (She was so skilled at making one word seem as long as a sentence). I confess I had to look up the word 'Odious' to understand the dignity of her statement. o·di·ous ˈōdēəs/ adjective extremely unpleasant, repulsive, revolting, repellent, repugnant, disgusting, vile, foul, abhorrent, loathsome, deplorable,... Continue Reading →

My Panic Story: Anxiety and our Bodies

Almost as soon as I wrote the first post about Anxiety Attacks, I had one. It’s been almost an entire month since I wrote. Back were the familiar feelings of dread and doom, a racing heart, and the sheer exhaustion from just keeping awake through the day. I had opened Pandora’s Box and the AUTOMATIC... Continue Reading →

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