Shut yourself down for renovations. When your life and presence are a home for people, it is entirely important to have seasons when you shut down for renovations. Why? Just like a physical home or guest house, all the usage over time can naturally wear things down - the plumbing stops working, kitchen doesn't work... Continue Reading →

Dealing with Comparison

I once heard Maya Angelou say, ‘Comparison is Odious'. (She was so skilled at making one word seem as long as a sentence). I confess I had to look up the word 'Odious' to understand the dignity of her statement. o·di·ous ˈōdēəs/ adjective extremely unpleasant, repulsive, revolting, repellent, repugnant, disgusting, vile, foul, abhorrent, loathsome, deplorable,... Continue Reading →


I have chosen your ways, Lord. Preserve me. Answer me. Teach me. Help me Understand.   I hold fast to your Words, Lord. Strengthen me. Keep me. Grace me. Guard me from Shame.   (Psalm 119:25-32)

An Invitation from Lady Wisdom

Lady Wisdom has built and furnished her home; it’s supported by seven hewn timbers. The banquet meal is ready to be served: lamb roasted, wine poured out, table set with silver and flowers. Having dismissed her serving maids, Lady Wisdom goes to town, stands in a prominent place, and invites everyone within sound of her... Continue Reading →

A Journey

In the spirit of Christmas and the coming New Year and ofcourse, the Hobbit movies, here's a little allegory I wrote down while the Lord was talking to me a few months ago. It feels fitting tonight! Merry Christmas everyone!   Listen! When Trouble raps loudly at your front door, take heart. There is a... Continue Reading →


For a few years, in the early nineties, my father had to leave us to live in another country for work. Time became pregnant between the weekly phone calls, for my mother, my sister, and I. The internet, text messages, or Skype were still a matter of science fiction, and the distance between us was very... Continue Reading →

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