Will you Be a Stream or a Desert?

Every so often my mother and I get into what I call "truth bomb" conversations. It usually follows a family Sunday lunch, when the both of us start chatting and unconsciously clear the table of anyone else sitting at it. We can talk for hours, but at some point, we arrive somewhere new. A new... Continue Reading →

On Insecurity

I gave someone a hearty encouragement recently and it was not received. I got a shruggy "I Guess" for my words. It made me feel like I had said something insulting - it ricocheted off and hit me hard. I watched, as this person slowly retreated into a place of darkness by rejecting the encouragement.... Continue Reading →

On Being Loved

I am Loved. Loved in detail. Loved in nuance. I am Loved in - My brown skin, My dark hair, My wide hips, My sassy flair.   I am Loved In Jealousy In Hardness. In Anguish, And Softness.   In Anger and Pain. In Past and in Present. Through Victory and Fallacy. Through Joy and... Continue Reading →

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