Will you Be a Stream or a Desert?

Every so often my mother and I get into what I call "truth bomb" conversations. It usually follows a family Sunday lunch, when the both of us start chatting and unconsciously clear the table of anyone else sitting at it. We can talk for hours, but at some point, we arrive somewhere new. A new... Continue Reading →

Let Me Love You

As I was thinking about what to share about Communion at church this Sunday, I was surprised by the emotions that came up. I ended up having a major moment of confession and freedom with the Lord and I wrote down the conversation. I ended up reading it to my church family. I pray that... Continue Reading →

On Insecurity

I gave someone a hearty encouragement recently and it was not received. I got a shruggy "I Guess" for my words. It made me feel like I had said something insulting - it ricocheted off and hit me hard. I watched, as this person slowly retreated into a place of darkness by rejecting the encouragement.... Continue Reading →

Every Minute of It

When the Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. When the Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not hunger or thirst, or panic or worry. When the Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. When the Lord is my Shepherd, I will be resilient. I will rise again. I will have dreams, goals,... Continue Reading →

For Such a Time as This

I am a forever-immigrant. A person of color. And a woman. The Trifecta. Over the last few years, particularly the last few months, I have encountered plenty of misinformed, ignorant, fear-filled conversations, statements, and actions pertaining to those three things, that are arresting and often humiliating. Not just of me. Of Humanity itself. I have... Continue Reading →

Tears in the Throne Room

I don't often have words for all that I feel. It can take music, poetry, allegory, story, and powerful visuals for me to come to a place of understanding of my emotions. Case in point, singing allows me a separate way to express what I feel toward something or someone - worship, therefore, is a... Continue Reading →

Let’s Flourish

Let's detach ourselves from the feeding tubes of marketing. Let's defend ourselves against the gravity of cynicism. Let's raise an anthem of change. Let's talk. Let's think. Let's Love. Let's be Loved. There is much more to be had. There is much more to be done. Let's fight to be inspired. Let's cultivate our strengths.... Continue Reading →

Here Comes That Dreamer!

"Here comes that Dreamer!", they said of Joseph. Some might have been sarcastic, some jealous, some angry, some insecure. They all felt enough to say something about the fact that their brother had big dreams. They all recognized that he did. Despite all that was said, Joseph went on to fulfill big dreams and eventually... Continue Reading →

A Friend Like Jesus

We don't talk very much about Friendship and Relationship in the church. Friendship has been such a catalyst in my life especially in my adult life! I had the privilege to teach on being a Friend like Jesus at church. Relationship is mighty important in Kingdom business and Jesus set the perfect example for us!... Continue Reading →


  Unleash in me the audacity to be. The audacity to be powerful. The audacity to be resilient. The audacity to be gracious. The audacity to be loving. The audacity to be hopeful. The audacity to rise up and to fight. Unleash in me. Like a raging dam. All that I need. To be who... Continue Reading →

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