Let’s Face the Music and Dance

A dear friend used the phrase "Compassion Fatigue" a couple of nights ago and it fit so perfectly. Most all of us are walking about in some sort of malaise that isn't without merit considering the things that have been occurring in and around the world recently. But, if I may, I'd like to attempt... Continue Reading →

The Value of Nothing

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I saw this symbol making it's way around social media with the hashtag "me too" and had so many thoughts and feelings towards it. I hope that you see and hear this and interpret a call to continue to raise your own standard of awareness and vigilant care for the women... Continue Reading →

Mothers and Daughters

This relationship is by far one of the most unique there is. The influence these nurturers have on each other are incredibly powerful. Words spoken and unspoken can change the course of each other's day. One word, one look from your mother can encourage and put you back on track or infuriate and get you... Continue Reading →

Singleness: Eternal Fight

Okay so it's not an eternal fight, but it damn near feels that way sometimes. (I may have a penchant for some drama.) I have a pretty consistent tug of war between wanting Autonomy & wanting to be Romanced. I understand that this isn't an exclusively female problem, but I reckon it takes on a... Continue Reading →

Let Me Love You

As I was thinking about what to share about Communion at church this Sunday, I was surprised by the emotions that came up. I ended up having a major moment of confession and freedom with the Lord and I wrote down the conversation. I ended up reading it to my church family. I pray that... Continue Reading →

On Valentine’s Day

This morning, I found out that February 13th is observed by some as "Galentine's Day". What a sweet sentiment! I started thinking about all the women I have been and continue to be inspired by - a lot of whom are currently in my life. I was led to Proverbs 31 once more and wrote... Continue Reading →

On Being Loved

I am Loved. Loved in detail. Loved in nuance. I am Loved in - My brown skin, My dark hair, My wide hips, My sassy flair.   I am Loved In Jealousy In Hardness. In Anguish, And Softness.   In Anger and Pain. In Past and in Present. Through Victory and Fallacy. Through Joy and... Continue Reading →

On Singleness

I'm turning 35 this year. I'm single. For shame! I've been asked why I'm single so many times recently I feel like my marital status is pasted on my forehead like the "Use By" date on consumables. I can hear my mother now: "You better use up all that milk. It's going to expire!!" Of... Continue Reading →

New Year’s Day, 2017

The old man self-consciously shuffled his way into the crowded cafe. His pressed suit and hat a stark contrast to the California casual he was surrounded by. He settled in to a small table amidst the crowd, opened up his newspaper and started to carefully scan through each page. A cup of coffee and a... Continue Reading →

Boxing Day, 2016

There exists a tradition where the day after Christmas, mothers, the clever magicians that they are, redress leftovers to create entirely new meals. These leftovers and bevvys gather in a picnic basket ready to take on whatever comes. Several baskets and their families meet at a park or at the beach and spend the day... Continue Reading →

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