Singleness: Eternal Fight

Okay so it's not an eternal fight, but it damn near feels that way sometimes. (I may have a penchant for some drama.) I have a pretty consistent tug of war between wanting Autonomy & wanting to be Romanced. I understand that this isn't an exclusively female problem, but I reckon it takes on a... Continue Reading →

On Singleness

I'm turning 35 this year. I'm single. For shame! I've been asked why I'm single so many times recently I feel like my marital status is pasted on my forehead like the "Use By" date on consumables. I can hear my mother now: "You better use up all that milk. It's going to expire!!" Of... Continue Reading →

A Strange Thing

A strange thing happens to me when you're around. I find myself avoiding your eyes. As if, had I looked at you, you would know who has been occupying my recent thoughts. As if, had I looked at you, you'd know the dreams I'd been having.   When you're around, In an instant, my attention... Continue Reading →

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