Singleness: Eternal Fight

Okay so it's not an eternal fight, but it damn near feels that way sometimes. (I may have a penchant for some drama.) I have a pretty consistent tug of war between wanting Autonomy & wanting to be Romanced. I understand that this isn't an exclusively female problem, but I reckon it takes on a... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Woman

Beautiful Woman, Honor how you were made, And do it over and over again. Honor your culture. Your heritage. Your height. Your weight. Your color. Your pallor. The shape of your eyes. The width of your nose. The smile of your lips. The line of your toes. Honor how you are meant to function. How... Continue Reading →

On Valentine’s Day

This morning, I found out that February 13th is observed by some as "Galentine's Day". What a sweet sentiment! I started thinking about all the women I have been and continue to be inspired by - a lot of whom are currently in my life. I was led to Proverbs 31 once more and wrote... Continue Reading →

How I am a Woman

It’s in my hot tears of anger it’s in my sweet tears of sadness it’s in the overwhelming care feel it’s in the deep resistance to control i exert It’s in my thoughts that keep me up at night it’s in the emotions I don’t have language for just yet it’s in the instinct to... Continue Reading →

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